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Concrete, Daylight & Patchwork

For 40 years now, Topic, a furnishings company from Sarleinsbach, Austria, has been making the very highest quality front doors. We have designed three of the company’s handcrafted models: Concrete, Daylight and Patchwork.


In this model, the door leaf is made of concrete while the use of this material with the typical gaps between slabs is what gives the door its characteristic horizontal sections. Combined with an imposing full-length rod handle, this clear structure suits the hard, raw and uncompromising nature of concrete as a material, contrasted in turn by the warmth of the wooden doorframe.


The use of lamella references, refines a standard technique from the architectural repertoire, creating intriguing light patterns in the process while opening up unique views into and out of the home, in which the Daylight door is used. While blocking prying glimpses from outside, yet enabling those on the inside to look outward, the lamella nevertheless allows ample light into the house.


In this design, a range of individual areas combine to form an exciting overall image. They may be coated with various materials, all of which draw in the glass pane, thanks to broad metal strips which run through the gaps between the different areas, tying together the multitude of design elements and creating a deeply special front door; a premium grip handle adds an extra design feature to the overall ensemble.

Manufacturer: www.topic.at

Concrete, Daylight & Patchwork
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