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Pad & Stan

With its high upholstered bedhead which can be adjusted to just the right angle to lean back on, Pad exudes a luxurious magnanimity and welcoming comfort. The upholstery looks almost like a carpet thrown over the back and quilted with fine stitching to give it a soft bounciness. With the height and diameter of its sides reduced to a minimum, the bed nevertheless rests on delicate feet, meaning that, for all its sedate comfort, it doesn’t make a ponderous impression.

Stan is a side table with an exquisitely worked wooden frame; its solid timber table top is a rounded square slightly tapered to the bottom to achieve a thin edge which gives the piece a delicate appearance and an overall lightness. Available in two different heights, Stan is just right for a variety of interiors and uses.

Manufacturer: www.moeller-design.de
Photography: Patrick Pantze Images

Pad & Stan
Pad & Stan Pad & Stan Pad & Stan