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Hakama & Sled


Hakama is a traditional Japanese pair of trousers perhaps best described as plissé culottes. Inspired by the tension between dynamism and control characteristic of Japanese writing, this table design brings the elegant, clear lines of calligraphy to furniture. The exquisite workmanship on its solid frame signalises longevity and quality; as they slope outwards, its legs pick up the plissé drop of hakama as unobtrusive fluting. The result is a genuinely sculptural table with the presence of a powerful stroke of the brush across a canvass.


It is the contrast between its sparing approach to form and the opulence of its materials which makes the Sled design so attractive. Against the cool shimmer of its elegant brushed steel frame, the expressiveness of its dark natural wood creates an exciting tension which keeps its solid timber top seemingly hovering in mid-air. Its clear lines and minimalist design approach underscore the harmony of this contrast and create a piece of quite timeless elegance – one which can form part of any ensemble.

Manufacturer: www.condehouse.de
Design: Maly Hoffmann Kahleyss

Hakama & Sled
Hakama & Sled Hakama & Sled