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Freifrau by
Jan Kath

Working with Jan Kath, Freifrau developed its first carpet collection, divided into two distinct thematic ranges. Using images of birds shot both in nature and in a studio environment, the first of the two sets works with feathers has motifs; the photographs were cropped and edited in order to produce a range of carpets both in brighter colours and more reserved shades. Transferring the soft, elegant lines of the feathers into the carpets was key to the designs.
The second range is based on designs crafted in the workshop: plaster was cast in layers to create a delicate pattern of transition as the basis of a monochrome image.

Commissioned by www.freifrau.eu and www.jan-kath.de

Freifrau by  <br />Jan Kath
Freifrau by  <br />Jan Kath