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Amelie Bench

The Amelie product family is about strictly minimalist design principles while the Amelie bench takes this minimalism to its logical conclusion with a 2.40-metre one-piece bench on a long, graceful wire frame without any extra floor supports at the centre. These strong, clear, long lines underscore the bench’s classic shape giving it an airily light appearance, minimising its impact on spaces while allowing it to be included in any interior design concept.
In 2018, the Amelia Bench was reinterpreted by Berlin fashion designers Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad, accentuating the design’s clear lines even further than the original.

Manufacturer: www.freifrau.eu
Photography: Patrick Pantze Images and Sonja Mueller

Amelie Bench
Amelie Bench Amelie Bench Amelie Bench